Meet Karen


Karen is an educator with experience in primary, secondary and tertiary level classrooms.

Her roles have included classroom teaching, administration and coordinating education

opportunities for families in home school environments. She has provided professional

assistance to educators in Australia and internationally. Her work involves school

consultations to support teachers and assist families in relationship building and working

with children when there may be behavioural challenges. Her studies into brain science and

neuropsychotherapy has enabled her to incorporate excellent educational practice with the

neurobiological evidence behind why certain strategies are effective and other approaches

can be detrimental to student learning and wellbeing. Karen has co-authored with Matthew

Dahlitz, The Teachers Essential Guide to the Brain, an educational resource for educators,

administrators and parents.

Karen is a registered counsellor and is affiliated with the Australian Counselling Association

(ACA), Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), Mental Health

Professional Network (MHPN) as well as the International Association of Clinical

Neuropsychotherapists (IACN).

Karen is the managing director of CORTXION - Counselling and Consulting where the focus is

on child wellbeing, education and behaviour consultancy. Her focus and interest in childhood

loss, grief and trauma has led to the development and writing of the storybook Benson the Boxer:

A Story of Loss and Life, and Benson the Boxer Program for Loss and Grief: A Manual for

Therapists, Educators and Parents Working with Children. Both the storybook, the manual

with accompanying worksheets, assist children and young people who find themselves in a

‘stuck’ place, feeling they are unable to move forward after they experience loss.

Karen’s work takes her into the business sector; assisting employers and employees with

relationship building, individual wellbeing, workplace challenges (restructure and

redundancy challenges). Karen is a regular presenter at conferences, businesses meetings,

community groups, schools and youth groups.